Quanzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary General Weng Zugen Research Baihong E District Project
來源:原創  瀏覽次數:  發布時間:2018-03-07

     Recently, the Quanzhou Municipal Committee held a review of "Daqian 40 Days Open Competition" and Quanzhou "Guangjian 2018" urban and rural construction, investment promotion conference deployment mobilization video conference, called upon all levels and departments to implement the strategy of catching up in Fujian and the province's "five A batch of "projects" were deployed and worked      hard to maintain their vitality. They played a major role in the construction of new Fujian.

     The Baihong E-zone project is a key project in the province in 2018 and attracts much attention.

     On the morning of March 7, the Standing Committee of the Quanzhou Municipal Committee and the Secretary General Weng Zugen and his entourage came to E-zone of Baihong Group to carry out project research. Under the leadership of Ye Hongping, the vice president of Baihong, the research team visited the E-warming department, the quality control workshop, and the storage department to listen to the progress of the project.

     When he entered the E-area loading workshop, he saw that some of the texturing machines had been switched on and put into operation, and other texturing machines were in full swing. The Secretary-General of Ongzugen even claimed that the progress of the Hundred E-zone project was high. He demanded on the spot that all functional departments of the municipal party committee should do a good job in providing follow-up service guarantees, coordinating and mobilizing all resources to solve business difficulties, and urging key projects to start more and see practical results.

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